Your Marriage Matters

Because God places a very high view on marriage, we do too. The marriage relationship is the closest example on earth to the intimacy God wants with us for eternity. We're here to walk alongside you in getting your marriage off to the best start possible. Perhaps no other decision in life has such long-term consequences and it is often with so little preparation. Our hope is to help you prepare for your marriage, not just your wedding day.

The Process

Step One

Make an appointment with the Lincoln Berean pastor who will perform your ceremony. Select two ceremony dates that you and the pastor are available.

Step Two

Sign up for the required 8-week Premarital Class.

Step Three

Call Anne Heffelfinger at 402.483.6512 to check availability of the ceremony dates you have selected with the pastor and confirm the cost of your wedding. Full payment must be received to confirm your date on the chuch calendar. You will be given the names and contact information of your wedding and/or reception coordinator.


Wedding Only - $400
Wedding + reception for up to 200 people - $700

Costs include fees for the wedding/reception coordinator, sound technician and Campus Operations.

These fees DO NOT include the pastor's honorarium, musicians, computer engineer (if needed), photographer, videographer, flowers, food, punch, cake, decorations, table coverings, etc.