meet our team

Jesus is our beautiful Lord and Savior! He is also the foremost leader of Lincoln Berean Church. It is the pleasure of all leaders and staff mentioned below to joyfully submit to Him and follow His example in helping the people of our church to announce and demonstrate the good news of the gospel!

Senior Leadership

Directional Team

Ryan Harmon
Lead Pastor
Jeff Petersen
Associate Lead Pastor
Whitney Bybee
Executive Assistant to Directional Team

Senior Staff

Bryan Clark
Senior Pastor Emeritus
Roger Sand
Ryan Harmon
Lead Pastor
Jeff Petersen
Associate Lead Pastor
Bryan Clark
Senior Pastor Emeritus
Tim Bohlke
Harbor Ministries / Leadership Coach
Bryan Trost
Gus Hustad

Ministry + Support Staff


Kurt Sandquist
Men's Pastor


Shereen Schwaninger
Women's Ministry Director


Cody Goerke
College Pastor
Lauren Buresh
Administrative Assistant: College + Next Gen
Lindsay Heun
College Ministry Women's Associate Director

Young Adults (20’s/30’s): 

Nate Kugel
Young Couples Pastor
Jason Knott
Young Adults Pastor

Marriage + Parenting: 

Kyle Helmink
Premarital / Counseling Pastor

Adults (50+): 

Bob Rice
Senior Life Pastor
Bryan Clark
Senior Pastor Emeritus
Beth Matzke
Ministry Assistant: Senior Pastor Emeritus, Staying Alive, Senior Life

Theologian in Residence: 

Mark Mathewson
Theologian in Residence
Brad Brestel
On Call Team Director / Generous Living Pastor
Kyle Helmink
Premarital / Counseling Pastor
Marcia Bohlke
Director of Spiritual Care
Terri Kessner
Director of Celebrate Recovery
Eric Kuehl
Life Groups + Care Coordinator
Lori Adams
Benevolence Coordinator / Pastoral Care & Generous Living
Megan Kuehl
Director of Kids Ministry
Amy Fairchild
Administrative Assistant to Kid's Ministry
Amy Kroeker
Jenny Wiruth
Childcare Coordinator
Lane Grone
Associate Director of Elementary
Leah Bare
Kids Ministry Coordinator
Pat Stolzer
Associate Director of Preschool
Matt Meyer
Life Groups Pastor
Ben Miller
Family Pastor / Shepherding DT Manager
Eric Kuehl
Life Groups + Care Coordinator
Jacob Erb
Associate Director of Local Outreach Service & Evangelism
Katie Rhodes
Outreach Ministry Coordinator
Scott Harris
Global Sustainability Pastor

*Due to the sensitive nature of their position, not all staff members are pictured on the website.

Jon Sauer
Corporate Gatherings Managing Director & Director of Worship Arts
Rosie Pinkerman
Director of Guest Experience & Connections
Natalie Roesch
Director of Worship
Carey Helmink
Director of Worship
Evan Hatcher
Technical Specialist
Jaclyn O'Keefe
Guest Experience & Connections Coordinator
Laura Dilworth
Database Coordinator
Lisa Burke
Administrative Assistant to Worship Arts
Matthew Clark
Technical Specialist
Tim Watson
Technical Specialist
Tyler Sheets
Youth Pastor
Geneice Coudriet
Administrative Assistant
Zach Pauley
Youth Coordinator
Bob Seeger
Director of Campus Services and Security
Cody Colgrove
Director of Business
Jordan Sauer
Director of Human Resources
Mark Rock
Director of Information Technology
Rick Flodman
Director of Maintenance
Aaron Harvey
Network Administrator
Alexa Hatcher
Coordinator of Maintenance and Grounds
Anne Heffelfinger
Community Event Supervisor
Austin Pool
Campus Manager
Ben Herr
Maintenance Technician
Bobbi Jo Oatman
Charlie Robinson
Campus Tech
Claire Varner
Campus Tech
Connie Squier
Campus Tech
Dave Sorensen
Facilities Engineer
Debbie Tenopir
Donovan Pineda
Isaiah Pomajzl
Evening Security Guard
Jane Hetrick
Campus Tech
Jim Hines
Energy Manager
Jonathan Christie
Campus Services Supervisor
Kim Behrens
Liv Steckly
Associate Director of Campus Services
Michael Klopp
Coordinator of Campus Services
Missy Doeschot
Patti Neidow
Ray Squier
Campus Tech
Reagan Richters
Campus Tech
Ron Schmidt
Campus Tech
Shelli Megrue
Accounting Clerk
Simon Johnson
Campus Services Supervisor & Evening Security Guard
Taylor Swanson
Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Tyler Wilson
Campus Tech
Zach Kroese
Associate Director of Campus Services
Michael Bare
Director of Communications
Dan Roesch
Lead Video Producer
Janelle Reed
Associate Director of Communications
Jeffrey Penner
Database Administrator
Kaylee Wahlgren
Communications Project Coordinator
Marshall Parish
Video Producer
Aidan Pauley
Resident (Y1)
Danny Petersen
Resident (Y1)
Mitch Bruner
Resident (Y1)
Sophie Pauley
Resident (Y1)